A Hand Picked List Of Topics For An Online Marketing Dissertation


Online marketing is increasing becoming so popular these days. Needless to say, this is perhaps one of the reasons why it is a good topic to discuss for a scholarly thesis. However, this subject is broad and might be a complex topic to handle especially to those who are not really into writing and to those who do not have much knowledge on the said topic. Fortunately, there are a great number of potential topics to tackle- you just need to check out some useful books, articles, newspapers, journals or surf the internet.

Are you currently searching for marketing dissertation topics for your present writing assignment? The good news is that you need not go extra mile to find them.

Here is some handpicked collection of online marketing dissertation topics that you can explore on:

  1. Can social media provide the latest means to marketing for theatre management?
  2. Are the latest media channels for marketing of today as effective as conventional methods?
  3. Can cause-related marketing and brand association be considered to build awareness of less popular brands?
  4. When it comes to sharing and caring, does the emergence of the latest media technologies enable a newly collaborative methodology to marketing?
  5. Discus the adverse effects of online advertising on adolescents.
  6. Discuss how do marketing approaches differ across the cultures?
  7. Is eagerness and dedication to purchasing to sustainable and green products resolved by household income level?
  8. Analyze the looming best practice in online marketing particularly the need for a social media scheme
  9. What should be expected in the future for efficient online marketing activities?
  10. How can “pop up” shop become an efficient marking tool? Do a qualitative study of young consumers in US
  11. Can the efficiency of advertising hugely rely on a social network site?
  12. How can famous celebrities influence the purchasing decision of consumers?

In truth, there are so many fashion marketing dissertation topics that you can delve into and conduct a vast research on- you only need to use reliable sources so you can gather facts ad substantial data to back up your claims.


Take in mind that having the right sources will help you be on the right track in the whole writing process. Indeed, you will see for yourself that looking for the suitable topic for you is not really that complex provided that you use legit and credible sources that offer the most up-to-date information for your writing assignment. Consult your advisor for some more guidance and advice.

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