20 Powerful Dissertation Topics In Financial Management


Are you asked to compose a scholarly thesis that revolves around financial management? Do you find it complicated to come up with the right subject that you can handle and conduct a research on? In truth, the first phase in the writing process can be the toughest since this will be the deciding factor whether your paper will stand out or not. Of course, if you’re able to pick the appropriate topic that could make a good impression, then, you won’t have a problem to deal with. However, if you started it wrong, it’s going to be a doom for you.

How can you properly handle your writing project?

Do you find dissertation topics in financial management very irksome? Fortunately, you have no reason to be worried. There are lots of potential subjects that you can delve into, all you need to do is to open your eyes widely and do the necessary research before complaining.

Here is a great collection of the most powerful financial management dissertation topics that you can tackle for your writing assignment:

  1. Examine and determine the different roles of World Trade Organization in the international fiscal market
  2. Discuss the regimes in financial institutions and the practices in Corporate Social Responsibility.
  3. How pivotal it is access to credit and other sorts of financial services to expansion and investment?
  4. Analyze the credit crisis in the world of fiscal market.
  5. Picking and justifying financial sources that finances innovative projects.
  6. Discuss liquidity risk management in the banking industry of United Kingdom
  7. Discuss the preferences and changes in the evolution of commercial banking
  8. Analyze shipping finance in China. Provide options for investment in the shipping industry in China
  9. Make a comparative study in the fiscal innovation in Asia and Europe
  10. Discuss the perks of using alternatives for the management of risk in the field of banking
  11. Discuss the oddities of management and structure in the assets of firms that use foreign capital
  12. Discuss the fiscal stability in the banking system in developing nations
  13. Analyze the linkage between capital structure and corporate strategy
  14. Discuss the retirement plans provided by local financial institutions
  15. Discuss the fiscal risk management in the field of maritime finance
  16. Discuss accelerated development of global micro-finance.
  17. What is the possible impact of foreign direct investment on developing nations?
  18. Discuss the facets of global banking, the rewards as well as risks link with it
  19. Discuss the ways on how ward off fraud in banking systems
  20. Discuss the perks you can get from mutual funds. To whom is it most beneficial to and in what way can it be advantageous?

It is worth mentioning that by simply checking out the list above, you can somehow lessen your burden of dealing with a substantial paper that would either make or break your academic career. You can pick which financial analysis dissertation topic best fits your writing skills and knowledge. Always make sure that you choose the one that you can handle well and something that you can make a thorough research on. This is for you to ensure that you won’t find the entire process as exhausting, physically and mentally draining.


When looking for the most influential and effective topics in the field of financial management, you should highly consider the sources you use for your writing project. As much as possible, stay away from sources that are absurd and could only provide obsolete information for your topic. Take into consideration that for your paper to be powerful, it has to contain the most recent and useful data so that readers will find it valuable, worth-reading and substantial.

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