Tips To Speed Up A Thesis Writing

People have many habits that make them delay their speed when it comes to writing a thesis. Patterns are the practices or routines that it automatically carry. Everybody has habits, and we all need them. Habits assist us to get through our days without having to make other decisions.

We develop habits when we repeat activities in our lives, and for writers, you have also developed other writing habits. Maybe you're at the point of writing your dissertation, and it may be your first time to deal with longer and larger writing. Standing Ph.D. requires you to write many theses, articles, applications, and essays.

Here are some of the habits that you need to overcome to write your thesis substantially.

Making a priority instead of the final output

It is a fact that you cannot write anything about your research if you haven't conducted any. If you put your research as the priority, you will never get the writing done. If you want to improve your writing process, you need to prioritize it in line with your research because the degree you get will get judged on the written thesis and the papers you present. It would be best to put some thought and effort into the outcome as it doesn't come out automatically. Bolster the energy you use on writing as you do much less research since that will make you make progress towards getting the thesis done.

Agreeing to every request

You might be a Ph.D. student new to the faculty, and you'd want to make no mistakes and protect your reputation amongst your colleagues. Most of the time, your colleagues will approach you having some requests. They might want somebody to help them supervise some students or Institute a board to help them a lecture. Such activities can be great platforms to connect with your colleagues, but they will cost you time. Time is a critical and valuable resource that you need to allocate when you do a Ph.D. meaningfully. Ask yourself if all those activities help you in doing research or project. If you say yes to all activities coming away, that means you'll have to cut down some of your actions. You'll have to push your writing time to evening hours or the weekend since that's the time you'll have time off. Ensure you remain selective when choosing the requests from they are colleagues or supervisors. Ask yourself if you will benefit from them or if they're going to take your time.

Standing by for input from supervisors and co-writers before continuing your work

You may have completed the chapter of your thesis and probably sent it to your supervisor or colleagues, and you are waiting for comments. Maybe you are in the middle overflow of writing and probably bursting with joy about how much you have achieved, but you also wait to hear the words from your colleagues. It may take days or even weeks before you get the final verdict. While waiting, you'll probably lose the mood since it may take longer. Therefore, you should contact your supervisor and tell them how important you need their comments since they may even forget about your request. As you wait, you can continue with the other sections of your paper, and if you fail to hear the feedback from your supervisors or colleagues, be sure to move on with your work in line with your plans. 

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