Time Management Guidelines for Your Dissertation

A dissertation encompasses a specific research project that a student has to complete at the tail-end of their postgraduate or undergraduate program on a selected subject. It can become a potentially time pressuring and stressful experience when you fail to effectively manage your dissertation work time.

Most students encounter this problem as they start thinking about how much time they have from the onset. As a result, they get complacent in planning and doing the dissertation write-up, which results in running the submission deadlines close. So whenever you come to that point where you have to work on your dissertation, try these time management techniques.

Time Management Tips for Writing Your Dissertation

  • Develop a timeline. Creating a timeline can become pivotal in tracking your dissertation progress. To develop a timeline on your calendar, your phone, or on a paper to accomplish this. It includes splitting the dissertation into diverse sections and attaching an estimated completion time for each segment. However, try and become realistic of the timeframes you develop to avoid burning out. It becomes essential to set realistic goals because it can help you feel motivated besides limiting your stress levels.
  • Structure a regular working time for your dissertation. Contrary to what many people believe, you do not have to write your paper every day, provided you work on it regularly. Try and develop a structured timeframe to write your thesis. Remember, the quality of your dissertation outweighs the number of hours spent writing it. You can decide to work within the nine to four-period schedule to offer some structure to your dissertation working day or develop an irregular pattern where you can work at night or very early in the morning.
  • Research.  It becomes crucial to begin by listing every essential source you can use in writing your dissertation. You can use suggestions obtained from your advisors to check sources from the university library. It also becomes essential to try online resources and cheap thesis writing services. All you have to do beyond this step entails reading the sources as you take relevant notes to use later when citing or referencing.    
  • Prioritize tasks. Prioritizing proves vital in writing your dissertation. All you have to do entails deciding on what crucial tasks entail and making a priority list, starting from the most important to the least crucial. You can list the small, less-time-consuming tasks to get something to work on when taking a break from the main activity. It will help you in becoming more productive even in procrastination.
  • Always ensure that your supervisor gets appraised on everything you do. Everyone gets assigned an advisor or supervisor when doing a thesis to get guidance on the project. Consequently, a supervisor must know everything you do to ensure you get proper and sound advice when developing the dissertation. You can always ask as many questions as possible to overcome any problems you encounter.  
  • Begin writing. Writing often depends on the student as some will prefer to begin writing as soon as they start the research while others prefer competing for the study before they can begin to write. Whatever way you choose, understand that you might need more time for additional research based on the results you get, so create sufficient room in your schedule.


Time management becomes critical in completing your thesis effectively and within the set timelines. So consider the guidelines provided to ensure a seamless process when working on your dissertation.

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